Agency Link: 123RF.com
Files: 19,000,000

123RF started several years ago being mostly a subscription based agency. They have now expanded to being a hybrid agency selling by both subscription and per image models. As another agency with over 1 million images, they have enough images to bring in hundreds of professional image buyers.

Updated: April 2013

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Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes cast)
  • zooworms

    I like their site and staff, but their just don’t bring in the money like Dreamstime and iStockPhoto for me. The submission process is simple enough. Never earns more than $20 a month, though I haven’t submitted in a while.

  • dessie

    123RF is a simple and clean interface. I have always liked their submission process compared to some others. Earnings aren’t great, but they are consistant. I need to upload some new pics and se how they go.

  • TRAC

    This is one of those mysteries for me. I wonder if its just my images that don’t sell well on this site. The site is very professional and has millions of image, however, I only make 10-20 USD a month here. It is my sixth ranked microstock agency and I wish they would do something to kick it into gear.