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Mother Company: Shutterstock

BigStockPhoto is one of the often forgotten first microstock photography agencies. With a large database of image and a simple submission process you can extend your earnings quickly by submitting to their collection

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BigStockPhoto, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
  • photomoe

    Honestly, I am just waiting for BigStockPhoto to get bought up and closed up, like StockXpert. The site sells 20-30 images a month for me, which is about 20% of what I do in other places. I am hoping to replace smaller market here with a growing one with DepositPhotos. It will be interesting to see where they get to.

    BigStock staff have always been nice, and I have never had any major problems. They do sell [u]some[/u] images which is better than I am doing at Albumo or Pixmac.

  • quark

    Support is great, but there are no sales. Well… Very few at least. Not sure its worth the work to submit.

  • nikon

    I agree that their submission process is easy, but they don’t brng in enough money to be in the top 5 in my opinion. They are my #5 earner, but haven’t really grown much even when I add new photos. I think that Shutterstock and Dreamstime are at the top because they are not only beingin in money today, but are evolving the microstock industry.

  • travelster

    I love BSP. They are the 2nd in sales for me. FTP is an easy upload. They process IPTC metadata (as all do) and their category selection is simple and easy. Not as easy as CanStockPhoto, with their auto-categories, but much easier than others. I’d think BSP should be considered one of the top agencies here but for some reason they are not.

    – Glenn