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Images: 10,000,000
Referral Program: Yes
Deposit Photos opened to the public in 2009 and is growing quickly. Time will tell if they will carve a piece of the Microstock market. Their photographer compensation and affiliate program are on par with other agencies. They have a custom “Buy by SMS” option to order photos over your mobile phone.

When asked what is unique and compelling about their agency, Deposit Photos owners state:
“Carefully designed for the easy work; unique propositions for buyers in payment, low costs for buyers – high earnings for sellers; big number of moneyout systems; Bonus images as a present for the every Credit purchase (authors of both first and Bonus images get the payment); Promo Program for authors ($0.2 for every approved image, up to 500 images)”

Updated: April 2013

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  • photomoe

    For a new agency, so far Deposit is the best. They pay you to upload there. And I actually got my first payment, so I know they mean it. Other agencies have done this, but this is the first itme I actually have gotten the payment. Worth checking them out. I have a portfolio of about 800 images. They didn’t accept as many as I thought, but maybe that means they will survive.

  • DepositPhotos had an impressive entry into the stock industry. They were very late but are climbing the ranks quickly as one of the better selling agencies. Their upload process is quite simple and reviews are quick. You still won’t see as many sales as a site like iStockphoto or Shutterstock but Dreamstime and Fotolia may see a bit of competition from them.

  • Olga Altunina

    Hello everybody,
    DepositPhotos promoting “New Flexible Plan”. Monthly plan 10$ for 10
    images and you can buy additional images for 1$ and unused downloads
    transfer month to month.
    Many active contributors have planned a protest for New Flexible dumping subscription. Contributors require the ability to disable New Flexible subscription. Otherwise, we will deactivate our portfolios of October 1, 2016. We should be very much, and then they will not be able to resist most of the authors, and they will be forced to cancel the New Flexible Plan subscription!
    Join us!

  • Brett Hondow

    You will see this a lot with your established images on DepositPhotos:

    “We encountered a technical issue. Please reupload the original file. The file is damaged and can’t be viewed”

    Even though there’s nothing wrong with your files because they’re established on other stock platforms, they will remove them from your portfolio anyway and tell you to “reupload them” because they are too lazy to fix their software. Many others have the same experience with them.

    So, if you love to do double the work, re-uploading and re-tagging for images that may get removed again at a later date, then DepositPhotos is for you!
    No thank you, I have better things to do.