Dreamstime continues to be one of the best agencies availible for both photographers and designers. Their massive colleciton is approaching 10million images, but do to a progressive pricing of images, seem to still sell new images well.

Dreamstime’s system of image pricing makes images with fewer downloads cheaper to designers. This means if you have old and successfull images, they can cost a lot more (even for blog sized images). New photographers can succeed at Dreamstime by shooting high quality photos to compete with their expensive older version. Most photographers report a good experience with the submission process at Dreamstime although it is a little more tedious than systems used at Shutterstock

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  • Tom Purcell

    I’ve had fantastic luck with Dreamstime for the past 3 years. I don’t have a ton of photos or designs uploaded, but even with a dozen or so images its pulled over $300 in sales… Thats probably chump change for some but its still cash for just uploading some pics and designs.

    I’ve got a review and some tips for selling on dreamstime on my website:

  • eyetrigger

    My favorite agency right now. Despite getting large like toher agencies, they hae managed to stary friendly. Sure they make a decision I don’t like now and then, but they aren’t rought about it.

    Earnings are consitant, not wavering around like BigStockPhoto and StockXpert have been.

  • Mark

    This is my first agency and still is the best selling one. The admins are very helpful and respectful to their contributors (which certainly cannot be said about all popular agencies like Shutterstock). Easy submitting. The review process is good. Great features for contributors to keep track of your sellings.

  • Natasha Riha

    Dreamstime is probably the best stock agency out there. Their uploading process is easy to handle (especially if you use the FTP Upload). They offer many nice features that make it easy to control your account and keep check of your images. Their review criteria are high but they can be met even by newbies (as compared to some other stock agencies like for instance iStockPhoto whose criteria are ridiculously high)).

  • Zoo Worms

    his was the first agency I started selling with a long time ago and it is still one of my favorites. They have a very advanced search engine (second only to iStockPhoto (maybe). Anyhow, the submission process is easy with their FTP Upload and other nice features. They switch between 100 and 50 uploads a day as a limit, which is a lot better than iStock.