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iStockPhoto is what started the Microstock Industry.  It was originally an ‘indie’ site start by Bruce Livingstone and was later purchased by Getty Images.  Today it has become an icon of big business in the microstock industry and lost much of it’s community feeling other smaller sites still possess.  Sales are generally quite good but commissions are among the lowest in the industry.

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Updated: April 2013

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  • zooworms

    I always hear great things about iStock. I agree that they have the most mature micrstock agency out there. The things I dont like are:
    1) The attitude of the photographer doesn’t matter
    2) The commision rate (they do do a lot of advertising)

    iStock has done a lot for the photo buyer, which does bring in the money, but it is normally at the expense of the photographer’s time and sanity.

  • chimney cleaner

    It usually take a month for review the images for those who are not exclusive providers.

  • nikon

    I used to really like this agency, but it has slipped from my #1 earner to my #5. And I have to say, I hate their submission process. I understand that all this clarification helps buyers get the right word in multiple languages, but the whole process is to complicated! I hope that they simplify or at least earn enough to make the pain worth it!