Agency Link: Pixmac.com
Files: 10,000,000
Referral Program: Yes

Pixmac is a new agency that has gone through a fast growth spurt. The design of the site is excellent for being so young and the company seems very response to questions.

Pixmac is a fast, new microstock agency with plenty to offer. Based out of Prague and only recently born, only time will tell how they will fare. They have stated their focuses are:
microstock, user experience, free keywording, easy to use, simple, fast. With daily free images, Pixmac is a good place to checkout. For photographers they have excellent commisions: 50-60% depending on whether the image is exclusive. Images must be at least 3MP with no upper size cap

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Submission Process
Image Review / Feedback
Sales Volume
Rating: 3.4/5 (1 vote cast)
  • Peter

    I have to say that I really liked the website and review process. However when I found out that after my images where locked in for a year, that they are selling them for $.06 and giving me less than a penny, I am very dissappointed. I will be removing my images as soon as possible. The “4 million” images count is not totally accurate, most of them are “resold” from Fotolia. Save the trouble and buy directly from Fotolia.

  • gnarf

    The site looks great. I submitted because they seemed to be “large enough”, but their total images counts are a lie. If your drop Fotolia’s images, they probably have less than 100,000.

    Bad support, with short answers not really explaining what went wrong, just “we fixed it” only to have more problems later.

    Thumb down for me!

    For the record: I do like the submission process, not happy about their acceptance rate, but its very visual.