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Founded: July 02, 2003
Images: 25,000,000

Shutterstock is one of the first Microstock Image agecies. Unlike iStockphoto, they rely mainly on a subscription model where a customer pays a large amount, but downloads almost unlimited photos.

Shutterstock continues to be one of the easiest agencies to submit images to. Photographers report that getting their initial portfolio approved can be difficult. However, the ongoing submission process is lightning fast and earning can come in quickly (especially at first when subscription owners grab your image for the fun of it).

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Rating: 3.6/5 (5 votes cast)
  • photomoe

    When I started in 2005, this was the fastest place to make money selling stock images.

    Submission process is still the best, but sales slump of quickly. They have soo man images I am not sure it is worth submitting anymore.

  • eyetrigger

    Used to be he best agency for starting with because everything was easy (submission, earning money). Now they are much harder on new photogs. Hard to get the first et accepted and harder to make consitant money. Portfolios at Shutterstock are more time sensitive than other places. If you don’t keep uploading, earnings drop off quickly.

  • addikvable

    Shutterstock has the easiest photo submission process of any of the agencies. I have about 100 photos accepted. I have submitted about 200, so lots got denied. after the initial review process everything is straigh forward. My photos earned a lot at first and then tapered off with time.

  • Instant Love

    This is the best agency for instant sales. Because of the way their search engine works, you will always sell more of an image in the first 2 weeks of it being accepted. Their submission process can’t be beat.

    They are pretty pickly with submissions and the reasons aren’t always very helpful for they give for denying. Still one of my favorites and the forums there are a lot of fun. People play games to keep each other going in shooting new and creative images.