Last week I recevied the following email from SnapVillage. It seems that we will have to take a little break from sending images there. I have not uploaded much seeing as I get very few downloads (none actually in the last 2 months). Hopefully their new Veer Marketplace will find a little more success.

The next stage requires that we stop accepting new uploads to SnapVillage. We have scheduled this to happen on Friday, May 1. This means you can continue to upload images through April 30th, but after that you’ll have to hold on to your images for a few weeks while we transfer the rest of the SnapVillage content over to Veer Marketplace. While we can’t take new uploads, you’ll still be able to access your SnapVillage account as you always have and during this transition, SnapVillage buyers will continue to be able to license your content.