Panthermedia is running a new Photo Competition in connection with NaturFoto Magazine. Prizes From Sony and MyPhotobook.

(http://www.panthermedia.net), the leading and rapidly growing marketplace for royalty-free photography, presents together with the NaturFoto Magazine the new Photo Competetion „Wonders of Nature“ starting May 1st until July 31st. First and second prize are the Sony DSLR A200k Alpha and the DCS-W210 Cyber-Shot, followed by prizes fom MyPhotobook with a total value of 240 Euro.

Our nature has become one of the central and most important issues in our society. Environmental protection, climate change and natural disaster, to name a few, are constantly discussed in our society. Did human-hand change the nature around us so rapidly during the past 50 years or is it the constantly recurring course of time?

Our environment shows us stunning moments of time which we admire and cannot forget. Each region of the world has its very own nature phenomenon: sandstorms in Africa, the polar lights at the North Pole, hurricans in the sea and summer storms in Germany.

The animal kingdom is full of an astonishing diversity, worth to be captured: a swarm of migratory birds on its way south, a brown bear in Norway hunting for salmon in a river or a spider´s web full of dew on a balcony. The „Wonders of Nature“ start almost outside of your own front door! Take your camera and capture the most beautiful moments for this competition.

Join The Competition
It’s very easy to participate. Photographers register as a free standard member at PantherMedia and upload their photo for the competition. As a member of PantherMedia they can then discuss the images and comment on them in the photocommunity and offer the images for sale via the stock agency. More information on the competition as well as sample images can be found here: http://www.panthermedia.net?competition